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7 Reasons Why Most Authors Need Your Help

IMG_1478 IMG_1629Here are 7 common facts regarding published authors that most people don’t know…and why authors need your help.

Fact #1. For most authors the writing of the book is not the hardest part. Its actually everything else that follows….marketing, launch, advertising, self-promotion, and the dozen other things that go along with actually getting the book sold. because it’s not what we are good at doing.

Fact #2. Books don’t sell themselves (unless you are an aforementioned true best seller). So we need help from publishers and other people to market or promote the book. That’s where social media friends can help.

Fact #3. Most authors have full-time jobs doing something other than being an author or promoting their books. For me its a Director of development for FranklinCovey.  In other words, we don’t have a lot of time to write and also effectively market the book without help.

Fact #4. Most authors have families and other responsibilities outside of their full-time jobs that take up the rest of your time away from work. Another reason we need help from other people.

Fact #5. We don’t have an endless supply of books to give away to friends and family. I get 10. The rest I have to pay for. Families and friends should support the starving author by paying for a book instead of asking for a handout which actually costs the author.

Fact #6. Being an author means you chose to go through periods of time when you don’t exercise, you gain weight, and you lose sleep. When you look at the preceding facts, you quickly realize that you have to make a choice with your time. You either wake up early in the morning to write so that you can hit your deadline, or you choose to exercise eat healthy, or get more sleep. Typically you can’t do both.

Fact #7. Most authors do not make a lot of money from book sales. Truth be told, writing books is more like a hobby. While I have authored and published five books (two business, three parenting) and I have more coming, so far I am not a TRUE best seller (This term can be used by some authors but shouldn’t). You do the math…

I typically make between eight and fifteen percent on every book sold (lets average it out to ten percent). If my books are typically around $10 and I sell 1,000, I make $1,000. Then theirs taxes. Most authors will be thrilled to sell 10,000 copies of a book, especially if most of that is over the launch, because it will then most likely make a “bestsellers” list, which helps future sales.

Even then I may bring home only $10,000. If I write one book a year (my current rate), that means I only get $10,000 for that year for that book. That may not sound to bad, but when you take into consideration all of the facts already mentioned, the prospect may not seem that appealing anymore.

So, what’s the point of this post? To give you a call to action to support your friends and family who are authors by buying the book (paper of digital), and telling everyone you know about their book when it is launched, or during a designated time. And if you have a skill set around marketing, give them a hand, they probably need it.

BTW, you can start by supporting this author by pre-ordering my new book, Reality Parenting: As NOT Seen on TV (coming in March).



One thought on “7 Reasons Why Most Authors Need Your Help

  1. Tom Jensen

    Found your book and blog from Deseret News. Then I found your blog on helping authors. Great advice I will be needing soon. I am in the process of writing a self-help book to teach the reader about being emotionally balanced. I thought the writing would be the hard part, but you are so right when you say that everything but the writing is the hard part.

    The question I have for you is did you have an editor or literary agent work with you? From the minimal research I have done into publishing, it looks like I will need one or both to get my book published. If you could recommend someone, I would love to send them the query letter I have prepared to introduce my book and concepts.

    Thanks for the help
    Tom Jensen

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